"Hi Heather, Thanks so much for the inspirational course last week - What you have set up is wonderfully effective and just makes so much sense! It was a joy that in a group where there were novices through to very experienced riders, that everyone benefitted greatly. You are an extraordinary lady; I know that we all admire your courage to stand up for what you believe and 'tell it like it is' ..and your tenacity to keep going in a world where attitudes and beliefs about horses and horse riding are archaic and often nonsensical ... Your knowledge and passion for horses and the art of riding is completely inspiring.Your ingenuity to invent equipment to better aid the teaching of your work, and the saddles to honour both horse and rider makes you a pioneer in the world of equitation. I hope that everyone who loves to ride and loves their horse gets to experience your teachings - either from you directly or via those that you train as instructors. If all horses whose lives you have touched could speak they would say "Thank you Heather!"
— Lucy Heavens"